Efektivitas Sari Buah Pepaya Mengkal (Carica Papaya) Terhadap Tekanan Darah Pada Pasien Hipertensi

Elsa - Yuliza, Febriana - Sabrian, Oswati - Hasanah


The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of ripe papaya juice on blood pressure in hypertensive patients. The research method was Quasy Experiment with Non-Equivalent Control Group design, by providing ripe papaya juice in the experimental group and without giving ripe papaya juice in the control group. The study was conducted in Harapan Raya Public Health Center Pekanbaru. This research involved 30 respondents, 15 respondents for the experimental group and 15 respondents for control group. The sampling method used non-probability sampling with purposive sampling. Measuring instruments used were sphygmomanometers (sphygmomanometer). The analysis used Wilxocon test and Mann Whitney test. The results showed difference in blood pressure means before and after consuming  ripe papaya juice in the experimental group with p value  < (0.05). It is recommended for people to ripe papaya juice as one of the plants that can be used to lower high blood pressure.

Keywords : Blood pressure , hypertension, ripe papaya

References: 34 (2003-2013)

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