Intan Sri Herlina, Erdianto Effendi, Adi Tiara Putri


Sexual exploitation of children is one of the serious problems faced today because
there are still many cases of sexual exploitation of children occurring today. In terms of
protection and prevention of crimes of sexual exploitation of children, appropriate steps are
needed with strict law enforcement and the role the community and all agencies must pay
attention to the interests of children, especially children's rights. Based on Article 13
paragraph (1) of Law Number 34 of 2014 concerning Child Protection, it is stated that every
child during the care of parents, guardians or any other party is responsible for the care, has
the right to receive protection from acts of discrimination, exploitation, both economic and
sexual, neglect, cruelty, violence, persecution, injustice and other mistreatment.
So this study aims to determine the law enforcement carried out by the police in
dealing with criminal acts of sexual exploitation and to overcome the obstacles that occur in
the implementation of law enforcement and what efforts are being made to overcome this
This research is a juridical sociological research that is looking at the influence of
Positive Law on people's lives. This research was conducted at the Kampar District Legal
Territory Police where the population and samples were all parties related to the problems
studied in this study. Sources of data using primary data, secondary data, and tertiary data.
And the data collection techniques in this study were observation, interviews and literature
study. Based on data from the Kampar Police, Kampar Regency has 1 (one) case of
exploitation crime.
From the results of the study there are three main things that can be concluded. First,
the implementation of law enforcement for the crime of sexual exploitation can be carried out
preventively, namely preventive and repressive efforts, namely efforts that are carried out
after the occurrence of a crime. Second, the obstacles faced include the lack of public
awareness of the law and the problem of sexual exploitation of children, and children as
victims are afraid to report the sexual violence they experience. Third, efforts to overcome
obstacles, namely improving the implementation of law enforcement by reinforcing
punishments given to perpetrators of sexual violence, providing identity protection to victims.
The author's suggestions, firstly, in providing legal protection for the Kampar Police,
especially the Social Service and the PPA Unit, are expected to continue to maximize the
interests of the child, so as not to disturb the child's psychology. Second, legal protection
must be immediately carried out against children by protecting the child's identity. Third, it is
necessary to pay attention to several obstacles for the Kampar Resort Police, including two
factors, namely internal factors and external factors that must be addressed as much as
Keywords: Law enforcement – Crime – Child sexual exploitation

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