Hubungan Pola Asuh Orangtua Dengan Perilaku Seksual Remaja Di Sma Tri Bhakti Pekanbaru

Raja Pieba Aguma, Ari Pristiana Dewi, Darwin - Karim


This research was determine the relationship between parenting parentswithadolescentsexualbehaviorinSMA TriBhaktiPekanbaru. This research used adescriptive correlationmethodwith cross sectional study. This research was conductedon177adolescentsinSMATriBhaktiPekanbaruusingstratified random sampling technique. The instrument used was a questionnaire parenting parents 18 questionsandadolescent sexualbehaviorquestionnaire13questions.The analysis usedunivariateandbivariateanalysis. The resultsof chi-squaretestp value=0.001, wecanconcludetheexistenceofa relationshipbetweenparentingparentswithadolescentsexualbehavior inSMATriBhaktiPekanbaru. Expected from the results of this research can be input in a broader research by increasing the number of samples, appendthe locationas well asonother factorsthatmayaffectadolescent sexual behavior.

Keywords: Parenting parents, sexual behavior, teenagers

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