Gambaran Kesiapan Menjadi Ibu Pada Remaja Putri Yang Menikah Dini

Herlina " Simbolon, Yulia Irvani Dewi, Gamya Tri Utami




This study aims to identify the description of  becoming a mother readiness among early marriage teenager. A descriptive study was conducted amongst 30 teenager in Bukit Kapur district, Dumai, from December 2016 to January 2017. The instruments used was a questionnare which is developed by researcher. Descriptive statistics was used to  analyse data to identify teenager’s readiness about becoming a mother.  The result showed that 60% of respondents education is senior high school, a house wife 66.7%, age 18 years old about 40%. All of the respondents had been married for 1 year, and age of marriage was 17 years old. This research shows that more than fifty percents of respondents has not already married in young age (53.3%). The findings suggest that health education on preparing marriage readiness, pregnancy and childbirth are needed and recomended as one of health promotions to reduce early marriage problems.


Keywords: becoming a mother readiness, early marriage, teenager



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