Theressa Theressa, Firdaus Firdaus, Dasrol Dasrol


The responsibility for the abuse of authority committed by the Management on the savings
funds of cooperative members is regulated in Law Number 25 concerning Cooperatives Article
34, that the management, either jointly or individually, bears the losses suffered by the
cooperative, because of their actions carried out with intentional or negligent. Then, if the loss is
the result of a deliberate action by the management, besides being responsible for compensating
for the loss, then the management can be examined and tried in court. Based on the author's
observations, many problems in cooperatives arise from internal problems. Lack of enforcing the
nature of kinship and cooperation between management, causes a loss of trust in cooperative
members. Then the responsibility of the management for the loss of the cooperative has not been
carried out, causing problems to drag on for years.
The form of responsibility for the abuse of authority carried out by the management on
member savings funds, namely based on the Cooperative Law is compensation and lawsuits in
court. That there is an abuse of authority by the Management of the Cooperative for the provision
of loans that are not in accordance with the Articles of Association, causing losses to members
and the cooperative. The responsibility for the loss has not yet been implemented and there are
still disputes between the cooperative management. Efforts made to the problems that occur
include coercion, let it go, negotiations, and courts. The court process is still ongoing, but the
responsibility for the loss of the cooperative members has not been implemented. The author's
suggestion, first, is that it is hoped that the management and members of the cooperative will better
understand their duties and authorities in carrying out cooperative activities. Upholding the
nature of kinship and togetherness of each member and management of the cooperative. Second,
it is hoped that related institutions and supervisors will be more active in fostering cooperatives,
especially for cooperative administrators. Third, for the government to provide support, direction
and solutions if problems occur in cooperatives.
Keywords: Responsibility, Abuse of Authority, Cooperative

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