Tika Efryenti S, Emilda Firdaus, Zulwisman Zulwisman


Indonesia is a democratic legal state which in regulating life, especially
guarantees for the rights of its citizens, is regulated in laws and regulations. In
accordance with the mandate of the Preamble to the 1945 Constitution that the
Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia wa established with the aim of promoting
general welfare and social justice for the community. Based on Article 34 paragraph
(1) of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia which read “The Poor and
neglected children are cared for by the state”.
This type of research can be classified as sociological juridical, namely a
research approach that emphasizes the legal aspects regarding the main issues to be
discussed, related to the reality in the field. This research wa conducted at the
Department of Social, the Regional Secretary, the Civil Service Police Unit and the
Dumai City DPRD. Sources of data used are primary data and secondary data, data
collection techniques in this study is by observation, questionnaires, interviews and
literature review.
In the results of the research problem there are two main things that can be
concluded. First, there is a need for strict and specific regulations regarding the
handling of homeless people in Dumai City in order to reduce or even eliminate
homeless people and beggars who come from outside the area in Dumai City. Both
facilities and infrastructure are adequate to accommodate the homeless in Dumai City
with the establishment of rehabilitation centers and social instutions. It is hoped that
they will be given coaching, education and skills training so that they are able to have
a good mentality and can develop themselves to be more advances in future.
Keywords: Politicsof Laws-Regional Regulations-Handling the Homeles

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