Roland Simatupang, Zulfikar Jayakusuma, Elmayanti Elmayanti


Illegal logging is fundamentally an act that is against religious, moral,
decency, and legal values, as well as a threat to the community, nation, and state's
life. Illegal logging is regarded as a socially acceptable practice that does not break
the law. It's troubling that people continue to commit this crime. Several factors
contribute to the incidence of illegal logging in the Samosir Regency area, including
the economic situation, a lack of public understanding of the consequences of this
crime, and changes in the definition of forest areas according to the Minister of
Forestry's Decree. Illegal logging is still rampant in the Samosir Regency area due
to the lack of enforcement and eradication efforts against this crime.
This type of research can be classified to type of sociological juridical,
because the author personally conducts research on the area or place under study in
order to present a thorough and clear image of the topic being examined. This
research was conducted in the Samosir Regency area, specifically at the Samosir
Resort Police, with the population and sample consisting of all parties involved in
the study's problem, sources of data used are primary data, secondary data, and
tertiary data, data collection techniques in this research are by interviews,
questionnaires, and a literature review.
In the research results, there are three main points that can be concluded.
First, law enforcement is done in two ways, preventative (prevention) and repressive
(action). Second, obstacles faced by the police in law enforcement against
perpetrators of this illegal logging crime are the factor of society, vast territory with
road conditions, there are people who protect this illegal logging crime, factors from
law enforcement itself, lack of police facilities and infrastructure, and the limitations
of law enforcement officials in samosir districts and poor coordination. Third, the
attemps by police to take care of illegal logging are, the first to repair the inside of
the Samosir Resort Police force by increasing the quantity and quality of the
Samosir Resort Police force and by taking effective and efficient action in enforcing
the law against the illegal criminal logging, the second to improve the external
action of the Samosir Resort Police by conducting frequent patrols/raids and
forming an intel team to arrest the perpetrators of this illegal logging crime.
Keywords : Law Enforcement - Crime - Illegal Logging

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