Try Rezky, Dessy Artina, Adi Tiara Putri


The Regional People's Representative Council (DPRD) is accountable to the regional
government within the framework of running the cogs in the life of the regional government.
What is provided by Law No. 23 of 2014 on regional government, article 149, explains that the
Regional People's Council of the county/town (DPRD) has the function of drafting the
regulations of the local government / City, budget and monitoring. In addition, the researcher
wishes to examine the supervision of the Regional House of Representatives of Pekanbaru City
(DPRD) on regional regulations, specifically the 2016 Pekanbaru District 14 regulation on
remuneration for parking at the edge of the roads. public road. It can be seen that the parking
fee is one of the principal area revenues (PAD) in Pekanbaru city and will be included in the
Pekanbaru city budget. The reality is that the initial area revenue (PAD) from parking fees in
Pekanbaru town has yet to hit the target. You can see that in 2021, the parking fee in Pekanbaru
city as of August 2021 will only reach IDR 2 billion with a target of IDR 8 billion and IDR 9
billion. Moreover, in 2020, the parking fee will only reach IDR 3 billion. with a target of IDR 9
billion. . Then in 2019, the implementation of the parking tax only reached Rp 5 billion with a
target of Rp 11 billion. According to the assessment of the past three years, the payment for
parking in the city of Pekanbaru n 'n' has never met its goal.
In this case, oversight by the relevant authorities is required, such as the supervisory
function of the Pekanbaru Municipal House of Representatives (DPRD) which directly oversees
the regional status of Pekanbaru City No. 14 2016 regarding payment for parking at the edge of
a public road. This research is either experimental legal research or sociological legal
research. Experimental legal research is done by determining the law and how it is effectively
applied in society, because in this study the author has directly studied the place or place under
study , specifically This could be the Pekanbaru City Regional Representative House (DPRD) in
Commission IV and the Pekanbaru City Parking Lot Engineering Service Unit (UPTD).
From the results of the study carried out, it can be concluded that the performance of
the supervisory function of the Pekanbaru City Regional People's Representative Council
(DPRD) regarding the 14th district regulation of Pekanbaru city in 2016 regarding the payment
for parking along public roads has not yet performed the supervisory function of the Regional
People's Representative Council (DPRD). therefore it is considered that the supervision by the
Regional People's Representative Council (DPRD) is ineffective and not up to expectations,
with the parking problem in Pekanbaru town still unresolved and efforts to increase Income of
regional initiatives carried out by 4,444 engineering service delivery units (UPTD) has not yet
achieved satisfactory results. No attempt has been made to review and evaluate the performance
of the Service Engineering Execution Unit (UPTD) in performing its field tasks in achieving the
initial revenue of the Service Engineering Unit (UPTD). city from Pekanbaru.
Keywords: Supervision – Regional People's Representative Council (DPRD) – Regional
Original Revenue (PAD)

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