Andre Christian Manurung, Mukhlis R, Adi Tiara Putri


Bimbar is one of the public transportations in Batam City which is not orderly in traffic
and often commits violations or mistakes which resulted in several examples of accidents in
Batam City around 2017-2020 there were 8 cases of accidents that resulted in road users in
Batam City. The term bimbar is the term for the people of Batam City taken from one of the
public transportation companies in Batam City named "Bintang Kembar". This study aims to
further examine the legal protection provided by traffic officials to road users in Batam City
and it is hoped that strict action will be taken against the bimbar so that the goal of good
traffic in Batam City is achieved as regulated in Article 3 of Law No. 22 of 2009 concerning
Road Traffic and Transportation and the creation of procedures for good traffic in Batam
City as stated in Article 105 of Law No. 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and
Transportation. The author took the location of this research because the level of violations
of public transportation bimbar in Batam City is quite high, the impact resulted in finding
several examples of accidents caused by this bimbar.
This type of research is a sociological juridical research that examines the legal
provisions that occur in society, then linked to the facts that exist in the research location.
This research was conducted in Batam City, Riau Islands Province. By doing research at
Kasatlantas Polresta Barelang Batam City, Head of Transportation Batam City, DPC
Organda Batam City, Batam City Community, Bimbar Public Transport Driver, one of the
Community Leaders in Batam City. Sources of data used are primary data and secondary
data, data collection techniques in this study were carried out by observation, questionnaires,
interviews and literature review.
In the results of research there are three main things that can be concluded. First,
regarding the implementation of protection from the Satlantas Police for road users in Batam
City, it has been realized well, although there are still unscrupulous drivers found and from
the results of the overall implementation the results have been optimal in handling bimbar in
Batam City. Meanwhile, the implementation of protection from the Batam City Transportation
Service has been realized and from the results of the implementation that has been carried
out by the Transportation Service in the field, the results are still not fully optimal. Second,
Normatively related to liability if there is a traffic accident on the road based on Article 277
of Law Number 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation is the Police while
practically it is carried out by the Police (Lakalantas Unit and Dikyasa Unit) and the
Transportation Agency as expert witnesses. Third, the efforts made by the Police Satlantas
Polresta Barelang (Preventive, such as giving an appeal, giving a call center (110), surveying
damaged roads. Repressive, such as ticketing while from the Batam City Transportation
Service (Preventive, sticking call center stickers, socialization, repairing signs). Repressive,
fines through joint operations with the Police and revocation of permits for public transport
Keywords: Protection – Accident – Bimbar (Public Transportation)

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