Keviniel Abednego Pangaribuan, Dessy Artina, Adi Tiara Putri


Circulation of power is something that illustrates that a country adheres to a democratic system in
running its country. The existence of a circulation of power held in a democratic country, aims to prevent the
abuse of power. The existence of a disease outbreak should not be used as a tool to negate the change of
power in a country. As has been written in Law Number 32 of 2004 concerning Regional Head Elections,
direct regional head elections must be carried out in the midst of a disease outbreak, becoming a problem
that needs to be considered. So it is necessary to conduct a reconstruction of the regional head election
system in order to create people's lives and for the realization of harmonization of laws and regulations. The
researcher intends to examine the existence of a system that can be used as an alternative in the
implementation of the election of regional heads. In this study, researchers will carry out an idea, namely the
election of regional heads using a combination system as an alternative form in the implementation of
regional head elections.
In this study, the researcher uses a normative research method with the type of research on legal
principles in which the researcher will dissect the legal principles related to the problem being studied by the
researcher. The sources of law that researchers use include primary, secondary, and tertiary legal sources.
Primary legal sources include the State Constitution, Laws. Secondary Legal Sources Include Books,
Journals, Scientific Writings. Tertiary sources of law include the definition of the KBBI, and so on.
In the results of research problems there are 2 main things that can be concluded. First, regarding the
urgency of implementing asymmetric regional head elections which will be applied to autonomous regions
during disease outbreaks, namely that the constitutional guarantee of the implementation of asymmetric
regional head elections is the basis for the need for asymmetric regional head elections to be carried out. The
second is related to the idea that will be implemented. The idea that will be applied in conducting regional
head elections, namely the idea of asymmetric regional head elections with a combination method that
divides regions that will carry out regional head elections into several zones.
Keywords: General Election-Regional Head Election-Asymmetric

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