Penegakan Hukum Perkara Pidana Penyerobotan lahan Di Tingkat Penyidikan di Atas Tanah Sengketa antara Lahan Unri dengan PT. Hasrat Tata Jaya

Juni Saputra, Mukhlis R, Hengki Firmanda


Law enforcement requires cooperation and sincerity from government, law enforcement and society
as a whole. Realizing a good and fair enforcer is also inextricably linked to the necessary resources such as
legislation, namely criminal law, criminal procedure law and implementation regulations. Law enforcement
essentially involves the supremacy of substantial values, namely justice. Society needs law enforcement
officers. In modern society, which is complicated, law enforcement is needed to protect citizens and enforce
criminal law, but society demands that these agents do not break the law themselves. The enforcement of
criminal law is one of the functions of the justice system as a means of social control. In investigating the
authorities in enforcing the treatment of the criminal act of confiscation, the purpose of writing this thesis is
to learn more about law enforcement investigating cases of confiscation at indications of land disputes at
Unri Panam .
The type of research used in this study is a sociological-legal research, Through the research
process, the authors came to the conclusion that procedural law in a civil way is too long, which does not
protect land disputes on disputed grounds for legal certainty for the Indonesian state that does not yet
guarantee the control of land rights, on the other hand, hand cases of land grabbing are more and more
difficult to solve due to the difficulty of finding a solution, in addition to controlling the occupied land before
a court decision has lasting legal force, then in a criminal act of land grabbing on the disputed land can
request execution through the court of law. That the criminal settlement of the problem of land grabbing is
still not carried out effectively because the criminal process only punishes the agency for the perpetrators of
appropriating land that does not belong to him and court decisions in criminal cases cannot execute the
usurper to go out of the land he has taken. Even if it is criminally proven that someone has taken over land,
this is not guaranteed and civil proceedings also have to be initiated through a lawsuit and after obtaining
legal certainty through a civil decision, the execution will be carried out in court .
Keywords: Unri Land - Investigation - Crime - Burglary.

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