Raihan Hasbi, Hayatul Ismi, Riska Fitriani


The modern age is currently using a lot of communication technology to
make profits, especially in business, including online transportation developed by
Grab. However, business actors should not engage in unhealthy business,
especially the practice of setting prices lower than other competitors. Predatory
pricing is a business strategy in which business actors undercut prices for a
period of time with the intention of closing or disposing of competitors' businesses
in the relevant market, thus creating monopolistic practices and unfair business
competition, predatory pricing is regulated in Article 20 of the Law No. 5 of 1999
on the prohibition of monopolistic practices and unfair business competition. The
Commission for the Surveillance of Business Competition (KPPU) has indicated
to the practice of predatory pricing after the implementation of this online fare. If
left unchecked, this practice is expected to harm the online transportation industry
in a sustainable way.
This type of research can be classified as empirical legal research,
another term used is sociological because in this research, the author conducts
research directly at the research site or place to get a complete and clear picture
of the problem being studied. The nature of this research is descriptive qualitative
with primary data sources, secondary data and tertiary data while the population
and samples are online transport partners (Grab, Gojek, Maxim), consumers and
KPPU. Data collection techniques are interviews, questionnaires and literature
Two main things can be concluded from the results of the research
problem. First, based on the author's research, the promo implemented by Grab is
a program of Grab in the form of special short-term offers designed to attract
consumers and the promo does not comply with Article 20 of the Business
Competition Law and article 1365 of the Civil Code. Meanwhile, the legal
consequences arising from these predatory activities are that competing
companies will incur losses with the promos implemented by Grab and that the
Grab company will be subject to criminal penalties in accordance with Article 48
paragraph 2 and 49 letters a, b and c if Grab has been proven to have used
predatory pricing and civil penalties in the form of compensation for both
material and immaterial losses to the injured parties.
Keywords: Online Transportation, Predatory Pricing, Promotion.

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