Pemanfaatan Buah Sirsak dan Wortel dalam Pembuatan Velva

Nurul Hidayat, Vonny Setiaries Johan, Shanti Fitriani


Velva is a frozen dessert made from fruits that have low fat and high fiber content. This research aimed was to obtain the best combination of soursop and carrot puree for the chemical quality and sensory of velva. This study used a complete randomized design with five treatments and three replications, resulting in 15 experimental units. The treatment was the ratio of soursop and carrot puree namely: SW1 (90:10), SW2 (80:20), SW3 (70:30), SW4 (60:40), and SW5 (50:50). Parameters observed in this study included pH, overrun, melting time, crude fiber content, vitamin C and sensory evaluation (descriptive and hedonic test). The best treatment was SW1 (soursop puree and carrot puree with ratio 90:10) with pH 5.65, overrun 6.33%, melting time 21.92 minutes, crude fiber 5.47%, and vitamin C 17.82 mg.  The result of the descriptive test of the velva from the best treatment was very orange color, very soursop fruit flavor, very soursop taste, very soft in texture, and overall liked by the panelist.


Keywords:carrot, soursop, velva

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