Pengaruh Pemberian Beberapa Jenis Ekstrak Tanaman Sebagai Zpt Dan Rasio Amelioran Terhadap Pertumbuhan Dan Produksi Padi Varietas Inpari 12 di Lahan Gambut

Yulistia Septari, Nelvia ', Al Ikhsan Amri


This research aimed to get the kind of plant extracts as a Plant Growth

Regulator (PGR) exogenously given and ameliorant ratio that influential as

improving rice growth and production in peatlands. This research had been done

in peatlands at Tanjung Air Hitam Village, Pelalawan, started from August 2012

until march 2013. This research had been done experimentally using split plot

design. The main plot was the plant extract from banana stump (Z1), bamboo

shoot (Z2) and the mixture (Z3). The subplots were ameliorant ratio (compost of

Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch (OPEFB) and dregs}, with three level treatment,

that were 4 : 1 {OPEFB compost 5 ton/ha + dregs 1,25 ton/ha), 2 : 1 (OPEFB

compost 5 ton/ha + dregs 2,5 ton/ha) and 1 : 1 (OPEFB compost 5 ton/ha + dregs

5 ton/ha). In this research was got 9 combinations with 3 replications. The result

showed that giving of plant extracts and ameliorant ratio was nonsignificant for

the plant height, maximum tillers, productive tillers, age of harvest, grain per

panicle, grain pithy percentage, weight of 1000 grains and also rice production

per plot.


Keywords: Ameliorant, PGR, Rice and Peatland


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