Pemberian Limbah Biogas Kotoran Sapi dan Mulsa Mucuna bracteata Pada bibit kelapa sawit (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) Di Pembibitan Utama

Suhendarisman ' ', Sampoerno ' ', Sukemi Indra Saputra


The process of developing oil palm cultivation is closely related to  the availaibility of quality seed. Quality seed really  determines the growth and production of  commodities. The giving  of  biogas  waste and mulch mucuna bracteata into the ground can inprove nutrient  both macro and micro. The purpose of the research is  to know influence from giving of  waste biogas and mulch mucuna bracteata, and its interaction as well to determine the best  combination on the grownth seeds palm oil plantations in a main nursery. This Research is done by using Completely Randomized Design experiment consisting two factor: biogas waste cow dug consisting  four levels , mulch mucuna bracteata  three levels and repetition.the reseach result shows the giving of biogas waste on palm seed influences on  height,leaves,hump diameter ,palm seed leaf increase.interaction  of waste biogas and mulch mucunan bracteata that is getting high of its dose can improve increase of levels,  hump diamear growth ,height and  palm seed leaf. The giving of biogas waste liquit 200 ml/plant  and mulch mucuna bractea gives highest palm seed growth.


Key words: palm, waste biogas and mulch mucuna bracteata

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